Kelly Madison Unknown Factors, Wiki, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth
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Kelly Madison Unknown Factors, Wiki, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth

Kelly Madison is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, with a fascinating life that has left many curious about her unknown factors.

This article dives into her wiki, shedding light on her age, height, husband, and net worth.

Discover the intriguing details of Kelly Madison’s early life, successful career, and her presence on social media.

With a style that is objective and informative, this article aims to provide valuable information for those interested in the life of this powerful and influential individual.

Who Is Kelly Madison?

Kelly Madison, also known as Ellie Madison, is a renowned pornographic actress, producer, director, and Internet pornography entrepreneur in America. Known for her bold attitude and captivating performances, she’s risen to fame in the adult industry. With her striking looks and sexy figure, Kelly Madison has become a fan favorite.

In addition to her on-screen success, Kelly Madison has had a significant impact on the adult industry as a whole. As a producer and director, she’s brought a unique vision to her work, pushing boundaries and challenging norms. Her innovative approach has garnered attention and admiration from both her peers and fans.

Outside of her professional life, Kelly Madison has had personal relationships that have shaped her journey. Raised by both parents and two older sisters, she comes from a supportive and creative family. Her mother, an accountant, and her father, an actor and stuntman, have undoubtedly influenced her career path.

Throughout her career, Kelly Madison has achieved numerous accolades and career milestones. From awards for her performances to recognition for her production work, she’s proven herself to be a versatile and accomplished individual.

One of Kelly Madison’s notable contributions to the adult industry is her influence on body positivity. By embracing her own body and promoting self-acceptance, she’s inspired others to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Her advocacy for body positivity has had a positive impact on the industry, promoting inclusivity and diversity.

Early Life of Kelly Madison

During her early years, not much is known about Kelly Madison’s upbringing before she entered the adult film industry. However, it’s clear that she had a strong desire to explore her sexuality and pursue a career in the adult entertainment world.

Kelly Madison’s entry into the industry marked a turning point in her life, as she quickly rose to prominence and became a successful performer and producer. Her striking looks and natural talent quickly gained her a loyal fan base and established her as a leading figure in the industry.

Kelly Madison’s success can be attributed to her professionalism, business acumen, and willingness to push boundaries. She has become a trailblazer and an inspiration to many aspiring performers.

While Kelly Madison’s early life may be unknown, her impact on the adult film industry is undeniable. She has achieved greatness through passion, hard work, and a refusal to conform to societal norms.

Kelly Madison’s Career

Her career in the adult film industry has been marked by success and recognition within the industry. Kelly Madison has achieved numerous career milestones that have solidified her position as a prominent figure in the adult entertainment world. Here are some key aspects of her career:

  • Influential films: Kelly has directed and starred in several influential films, including ‘Women of the Middle East’ in 2015. These films have pushed boundaries and explored new themes within the industry.
  • Career milestones: Throughout her career, Kelly has achieved several significant milestones, such as founding her own pornographic website, 413 Productions, in 2006. This venture has allowed her to showcase her creativity and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Notable collaborations: Kelly has had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the top adult actresses in the industry, including Anikka Albrite, Brooklyn Chase, and Kendra Lust. These collaborations have resulted in critically acclaimed performances and increased her credibility.
  • Industry recognition: Kelly’s talent and contributions haven’t gone unnoticed. She’s been nominated for and won numerous awards throughout her career, further solidifying her reputation as a respected figure in the adult film industry.
  • Future projects: As an ambitious and driven individual, Kelly Madison is constantly seeking new projects and opportunities to expand her career. She continues to work on innovative and boundary-pushing projects that will shape the future of the industry.
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Kelly Madison’s career in the adult film industry has been marked by influential films, significant career milestones, notable collaborations, industry recognition, and a promising future with exciting projects on the horizon.

Kelly Madison

Kelly Madison’s Wiki Bio – Quick Facts

Birth/ Real Name Eleanore Marlene Wilmerton
Current Rank #7655
Profession Actress, Model
User Rating 8.4/10 (89 votes)
Nickname Kelly Madison

Personal Life

Date of Birth The 26th of August 1967, Saturday
Religion Christian
Birth Place Newport Beach, California(US)
Number of movies 500+
Current Residence Los Angeles, USA
Nationality American
Grew Up in Native City
Age (as of 2023) 56 years old
Death-O-Meter Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian
Debut Year 2013
Year Active 2003 – 2018
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Language speaks English
Gender Female

Education Qualification

High Qualification Graduate
College/ University University of Newport Beach, California
School Local High School

Age, Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

At 56 years old, Kelly Madison maintains an impressive figure, standing at 5 feet and 9 inches tall and weighing approximately 61 kg. Her height and weight are factors that contribute to her overall presence and confidence. Despite being taller than typical, she embraces her height and uses it to her advantage in the adult industry. In terms of fashion choices, Kelly Madison is known for her bold and daring outfits that accentuate her curves and showcase her unique sense of style. She isn’t afraid to take risks and push boundaries when it comes to fashion.

To maintain her figure, Kelly Madison follows a strict fitness routine that includes a combination of cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. She understands the importance of staying active and taking care of her body, not only for her career but also for her overall well-being.

Kelly Madison embodies body positivity and encourages others to embrace their own unique bodies. She believes that every body is beautiful and should be celebrated. She often shares messages of self-acceptance and confidence on her social media platforms.

When it comes to celebrity comparisons, Kelly Madison stands out for her height and age-defying figure. She sets herself apart from the crowd and has become an influential figure in the adult industry. Her height hasn’t hindered her success but has instead become one of her defining features.

Body Measurement 40FF-24-34 Inch
Piercings Navel, ears
Sexual Orientation Straight
Waist Size 24 Inch
Shoe Size 9 (US)
Breast Size 40 Inch
Breast Real/Natural
Tattoo None
Hair Color Blond
Weight Kilograms: 61 kg, Pounds: 134 lbs
Dress Size 40 (EU)
Bra/ Cup Size 40FF
Body Type Slim
Height Feet & Inches: 5 feet 9 Inch, Centimeters: 175 cm, Meters: 1.75 m
Hip Size 34 Inch
Eye Color Brown

Net Worth of Kelly Madison

As of 2023, sources like Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider estimate that Kelly Madison’s net worth is around 5 million dollars. With such a significant amount of wealth, Madison has established herself as a financially successful celebrity in the film industry.

Her net worth can be attributed to various income sources and a careful analysis of her financial success.

To understand how Madison accumulated her wealth, it’s important to consider her celebrity earnings and income sources. Here are some key factors that contribute to her financial success:

  • Film Directing: Madison’s career as a film director has played a crucial role in her wealth accumulation. Through her talent and expertise, she’s been able to secure lucrative projects and earn substantial income.
  • Business Ventures: Madison’s entrepreneurial spirit has led her to venture into various business endeavors. These ventures haven’t only added to her net worth but have also diversified her income streams.
  • Endorsements and Brand Collaborations: As a prominent figure in the film industry, Madison has attracted endorsement deals and brand collaborations. These partnerships have provided her with additional sources of income.
  • Royalties and Residuals: Madison’s past works continue to generate income through royalties and residuals. This passive income contributes to the growth of her net worth over time.
  • Investments: Madison has made smart investment decisions, utilizing her wealth to generate further financial gains. These investments have helped her expand her net worth and secure a stable financial future.
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Through a careful analysis of her net worth, it’s evident that Kelly Madison has achieved significant financial success through her celebrity earnings, wealth accumulation, and diverse income sources.

Her success serves as an inspiration for individuals who desire to attain power and financial stability in their own lives.

How Rich is Kelly Madison?

Net Worth As of 2023 $5 million (Approx.)
Source of Earning Brand Endorsement, Modeling
Per Film Earning (Approx.) Unknown

Awards + Nominations

Awards Category Status
AVN Awards Best Porn Star Website Nominee
XBIZ Awards MILF Performer of the Year Nominee
AVN Awards Best Group Scene Nominee
XRCO Awards MILF of the Year Nominee
AVN Awards MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year Nominee
AVN Awards Best Director – Non-Feature Nominee

Kelly Madison’s Family

Kelly Madison’s family background played a significant role in shaping her early life and career choices. Growing up with two elder sisters, Madison was greatly influenced by her siblings’ aspirations and achievements. Their presence in her life instilled a sense of ambition and determination in her, inspiring her to chase her own dreams.

Childhood memories also played a crucial role in Madison’s development. She fondly recalls the support and encouragement she received from her family during her formative years. Their unwavering belief in her abilities gave her the confidence to pursue her passions and overcome any obstacles that came her way.

The dynamics within her family were characterized by love, understanding, and mutual respect. Madison’s parents fostered an environment that nurtured her growth and allowed her to explore her interests. They valued open communication and encouraged her to express her thoughts and opinions freely.

Family traditions were an integral part of Madison’s upbringing. These traditions helped create a strong bond among family members and instilled a sense of unity and belonging. From celebrating birthdays and holidays together to participating in shared activities, these traditions created lasting memories and strengthened the familial bonds.

Father Name Mr. Wilmerton
Brothers None
Sisters Two
Mother Name Mrs. Wilmerton

Marriage Life & Relationship

Ryan Madison and Kelly Madison have been happily married since 1999, and their relationship continues to thrive. They’ve achieved marital bliss by cultivating effective communication skills, understanding each other’s love languages, setting relationship goals, and maintaining intimacy.

Here are some key factors that contribute to their successful marriage:

  • Communication skills: Ryan and Kelly prioritize open and honest communication, allowing them to express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns effectively. This fosters understanding and promotes a strong emotional connection.
  • Love languages: They’ve taken the time to identify and understand each other’s love languages, which are the ways in which they feel most loved and appreciated. By speaking each other’s love languages, they demonstrate care and affection, strengthening their bond.
  • Relationship goals: Ryan and Kelly set mutual relationship goals, whether it’s traveling together, supporting each other’s dreams, or creating a nurturing home environment. Having shared goals helps them stay focused and committed to their partnership.
  • Maintaining intimacy: They prioritize physical and emotional intimacy, making time for quality moments together. This can include date nights, affectionate gestures, and deep conversations that deepen their connection and reignite the spark in their relationship.
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Through their commitment to these factors, Ryan and Kelly Madison have built a strong and enduring marriage that serves as an inspiration to others seeking a fulfilling and lasting partnership.

Material Status Married
Children No
Boyfriend Ryan Madison (1999 – Present)

Social Media Presence

In today’s digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives, shaping the way we communicate, interact, and even earn a living. Kelly Madison, a well-known influencer and adult content creator, has leveraged various social media platforms to connect with her fans and generate income. Her presence on platforms like OnlyFans, Instagram, and Twitter allows her to stay in touch with her followers while monetizing her content.

The impact of social media on personal relationships can’t be underestimated. Through platforms like Instagram and Facebook, individuals can maintain connections with friends and family, even if they’re geographically distant. However, it’s important to note that social media can also have negative effects on personal relationships, as it can lead to feelings of jealousy, insecurity, and comparison.

The rise of influencer marketing on social media has revolutionized the way brands promote their products and services. Influencers like Kelly Madison have a large following and a high level of trust with their audience, making them ideal partners for marketing campaigns. By collaborating with influencers, brands can reach a wider audience and benefit from the influencer’s credibility and authenticity.

Building a successful social media presence requires strategic planning and execution. Influencers like Kelly Madison understand the importance of consistently creating high-quality content, engaging with their audience, and staying up-to-date with the latest social media trends. By staying active and relevant, influencers can attract more followers and increase their influence in their respective industries.

The psychology behind social media addiction is a topic of growing concern. Social media platforms are designed to be addictive, with features like endless scrolling, notifications, and likes triggering the release of dopamine in the brain. This can lead to excessive use of social media, negatively impacting mental health, productivity, and real-life relationships.

Social media also plays a significant role in shaping self-image and self-esteem. The constant exposure to carefully curated and filtered content can lead to feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth. It’s important for individuals to be mindful of the impact social media has on their self-perception and to cultivate a healthy relationship with these platforms.

Overall, social media presence has become a powerful tool for individuals like Kelly Madison to connect with their audience and monetize their content. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the impact it can have on personal relationships, the rise of influencer marketing, strategies for building a successful social media presence, the psychology behind social media addiction, and the role it plays in shaping self-image and self-esteem.

YouTube @ImKellyMadison
Twitter @imkellymadison
Instagram @real.kellymadison
Facebook @kellymadison
Official Website
OnlyFans @kellymadison

Hobbies and Favorite Things

Hobbies Travelling, Hiking, Photoshoot
Favorite Actor Unknown
Favorite Movie Unknown
Favorite Animal Dog, Cat
Favorite Color Black
Favorite Actress Unknown
Favorite TV Show P*rn Fidelity, Kelly Madison

Other Interesting Things to Know About Kelly Madison

Does She Drink Alcohol? Yes
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian
Does she know how to cook? Yes
Is she a Yoga Practitioner? Yes
Is She going to the gym? Yes
Does She Smoke? No
Can She Swim? Yes

Viral Images of Kelly Madison

Kelly Madison

Few Final Words

Kelly Madison is a well-known figure in the adult entertainment industry. With a successful career spanning many years, she’s gained a significant following and has amassed a considerable net worth.

Her personal life, including her marriage and family, remains private. Kelly Madison maintains a strong presence on social media platforms, engaging with her fans and sharing updates on her career.

Overall, she’s made a significant impact in the industry and continues to be a prominent figure.

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