How to write a case study to convey your knowledge and effects?
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How to write a case study to convey your knowledge and effects?

What is a case study?

A study in which a person, event, condition, place, or any subject gets the results and predicts the future is known as a case study. A case study is usually based on a single subject. However, the case study papers are designed in a way in which the relation of one or more subjects is shown and investigated. A case study can be done with all three types of research Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed research.

How to Write a Case Study?

The structure of a case study is not that much different from a simple research paper. But it is important to know about it. A case study investigates a single topic and writes about the new findings and understanding of a problem after analyzing the problem and the old information.  And that is why it is important to deliver the information perfectly. Because it is the main purpose of it.

The Introduction:

The introduction of a case study should be attractive, and engaging, and produce curiosity in the readers’ minds. Also, the introduction should have the answers to some important questions to make it worth it. Why did the researcher choose this subject to study? Is this topic or subject that important to investigate? What is the available information about the topic? And how the new information will affect the topic and subject?

Literature Review:

The literature review is the same as other research papers. And you have to study the available information about the topic. Like the background information, and the study that the previous researchers have done. And in the literature review, you write about the available information. And the information that will add or affect the topic after you complete your research.

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Methodology or Method:

In this section of the case study, the researcher writes about the methods or practices that he follows. Because this way the reader will know about the procedure of it. And in the methodology section, you have to mention why you choose a certain method. For that, you can also hire any case study writing services. And why this method is more effective than any other method. So, after giving all this information, the researcher moves to the next section which is discussion / Results.

Discussion / Results:

Firstly, this section contains all the information about the results. And why these results appear. Also, are there any better results possible? Or are these results the best? Also, what are the effects of these results, and also why the findings are important? And how these findings will improve the topic and its effect in the uplifting of the topic.

Secondly, the researcher should also write about the limitations of the results. And also suggest the area of research for the others and needs improvement. So, after talking about the results and every other aspect of the result this section will end. And it’s time for the last section which is the conclusion.


The conclusion in the case study contains every key point of the research the major findings and why it is important.  Make sure that your conclusion does not contain any new ideas or talk about new concepts or topics.

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