How Does Artificial Intelligence Affect Students Academic Performance?
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How Does Artificial Intelligence Affect Students Academic Performance?

We just witnessed one of the greatest tech revolutions a year ago in the form of Artificial Intelligence. Although, AI is not a new term nor a new technology. Firms all over the world have been working in the field to make machines react, respond, and think critically like humans. And make decisions like humans. But in November 2022, We have seen a significant development that changed the whole perspective of audiences all over the world related to AI and its capabilities.

There is no denying that Artificial Intelligence changes the whole direction of technology and evolves the human lifestyle. We all know that affects almost every sector, From big companies doing large layoffs to enhance their productivity at less expense. And like any other tool, it has both advantages and disadvantages. Today in this post we will discover the effects of Artificial Intelligence on the academic performance of humans. So, let’s explore its positives and negatives in the education sector.

Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Academic Performance:


1) It helps in research:

Before AI tools and chatbots students have to spend hours researching just to find a little bit of authentic information. But now AI makes it easier and faster, where tools like ChatGPT give you efficient answers related to every query. And gather information from the internet and show it. Programmers started using it to solve bugs and get better suggestions to make their code more optimized and better. And before these smart tools they have to spend hours finding the working solution for hours by exploring different websites. But now, it is just a prompt away.

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2) Effective Learning Strategies:

Students want to access information quickly and easily and this is exactly what the AI tools are offering. By using these tools, students can easily create different outlines and learn with a proper strategy.

From giving students a proper structure to helping them work on new ideas and helping in their assignment-making process. Or you can contact any agency and pay someone to do my assignment Not only that, students should use Artificial Intelligence to prepare for exams. And get quick assistance while studying to save time and provide efficient information in microseconds.


1) Privacy of Data:

Where Artificial Intelligence has multiple benefits, there are plenty of disadvantages or, you can say negative effects of it. Firstly, you have to understand the workings of AI models.

AI models are trained on a specific dataset and after that, they produce certain results. And for that, they need large datasets. And for that, they use the data of students to train and test their models. That is what raises the concern about the privacy of the data.

2) Bias results:

Just like I mentioned these models have to use data to train and test to develop an efficient tool. And if the data used is biased or based on a religion or a certain group of people, then the tool will give you plenty of biased results. Which can affect the research.

3) Dependence on technology:

Artificial intelligence makes it way more convenient for students to study. But its drawback is that the students started relying on it which raises concerns about the mental growth and critical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills of the students. And this could be a bigger issue for the students in the future. Because they don’t have to struggle for any kind of information or any type of study material.

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