Alex Morgan Unknown Factors, Wiki, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth
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Alex Morgan Unknown Factors, Wiki, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth

Alex Morgan is a renowned American soccer player whose life and career have been the subject of much curiosity. In this article, we will explore some unknown factors about her, including her age, height, husband, and net worth.

With a robust social media presence and an impressive track record in the world of soccer, Morgan has captivated fans with her talent and determination.

Stay tuned to discover more about this influential athlete and her remarkable journey.

Who Is Alex Morgan?

Alex Morgan, an American soccer player, is known for her exceptional skills as one of the pre-eminent strikers of the national women’s soccer team. Born on July 2, 1989, in San Dimas, California, Morgan’s early life was marked by a passion for the sport. She began playing soccer at a young age and quickly rose through the ranks, showcasing her talent and dedication.

Throughout her career, Morgan has achieved numerous awards and accolades. She’s been a crucial part of the national women’s soccer team’s success, helping them secure victories in major tournaments such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the Olympic Games. Her ability to score goals and lead her team to victory has solidified her status as one of the best strikers in the game.

Morgan’s playing style is characterized by her speed, agility, and technical prowess. She’s known for her ability to find the back of the net with precision and has a keen eye for creating scoring opportunities for her teammates. Her impact on women’s soccer can’t be overstated, as she’s inspired a new generation of female athletes to pursue their dreams on the field.

Off the field, Morgan has also made significant contributions. She’s an advocate for gender equality in sports and has used her platform to raise awareness about important social issues. She’s been involved in various charitable endeavors, including supporting organizations that empower young girls through sport.

Career of Alex Morgan

One of the most accomplished female soccer players in the world, Alex Morgan has had a remarkable career. Her achievements and accolades speak to her exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. Here are four key factors that have contributed to her success:

  1. Achievements and accolades: Alex Morgan has won multiple trophies with the United States Female national soccer team, including the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the Olympic gold medal. She’s also been recognized individually, receiving awards such as the FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year.
  2. Playing style and tactics: Known for her speed, agility, and goal-scoring ability, Morgan’s playing style is dynamic and relentless. She’s a keen understanding of the game, making her a strategic and versatile player on the field.
  3. International competition highlights: Morgan’s impact on the international stage can’t be overstated. Her performances in major tournaments, such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup, have been instrumental in the success of the US team. Her memorable goals and clutch performances have made her a fan favorite and a force to be reckoned with.
  4. Impact on women’s soccer: Morgan’s success and visibility have had a profound impact on women’s soccer. She’s become a role model for aspiring young players around the world, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and break barriers. Her success has also contributed to the growth and recognition of women’s soccer as a whole.
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In addition to her achievements on the field, Morgan is also passionate about youth development and mentoring. She actively promotes the importance of empowering young girls through soccer and works to create opportunities for them to succeed.

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan’s Wiki Bio – Quick Facts

Profession Name Alex Morgan
Nick Name Baby Horse
Profession American Soccer Player
Birth Name Alexandra Patricia Morgan Carrasco

Personal Life

Date of Birth 2nd July 1989
Hometown Diamond Bar, Calif
Coach Marc Skinner
Current team Orlando Pride
Food Habit Vegetarian
Gender Female
Age (as of 2021) 32 Year Old
Language speaks English
Ethnicity White
Birth Place San Dimas, CA
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Jersey Number 13
Year Active 2007-Present
Position Forward and Striker
Sun Sign Cancer
Teams Western New York Flash, Orlando Pride, U.S Women’s National Team

Education Qualification

High Qualification Graduated
College/ University University of California, Berkeley ‘10
School Diamond Bar High School in 2007
Degree Political Economy

Age Height Weight And Body Measurements

At 5 feet and 7 inches tall, with a weight of 60kgs, Alex Morgan possesses a well-balanced physique that complements her athleticism. Her fitness routine is rigorous and helps her maintain her stamina on the field. Morgan believes in the power of exercise and incorporates a variety of workouts into her training regime. She focuses on strength training to build muscle and improve her overall performance.

In terms of fashion style, Morgan has a unique and trendy sense of fashion. She’s often seen sporting stylish athletic wear, which reflects her active lifestyle. Morgan is known for her confidence and effortlessly pulls off any outfit she wears.

When it comes to diet and nutrition, Morgan understands the importance of fueling her body properly. She follows a balanced diet that includes lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Morgan also emphasizes the importance of staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

As a role model for many aspiring athletes, Morgan shares exercise tips with her fans. She encourages them to find activities they enjoy and make exercise a regular part of their routine. Morgan believes in the power of body positivity and encourages others to embrace their unique bodies and appreciate what they can do.

Overall, Alex Morgan’s dedication to her fitness routine, fashion style, and focus on diet and nutrition make her a powerful figure in the world of sports and a role model for many.

Body Measurement 34-28-36 cm
Hip Size 36 Inches
Eye Color Blue
Waist Size 28 Inches
Breast Size 34 Inches
Height Feet & Inches: 5′ 7″ Inch
Centimeters: 170 cm
Meters: 1.70 m
Natural Breast Yes
Weight Kilograms: 60 Kg
Pounds: 132 lbs
Bra Size 34
Hair Color Blonde
Tattoo Number “Thirteen” inked on the left side of her waist
Body Size Slim
Sexual Orientation Straight

Net Worth of Alex Morgan

With an estimated net worth of $35 million as of 2021, it’s clear that Alex Morgan has achieved great financial success throughout her career. Here are four factors that contribute to her impressive net worth:

  1. Professional achievements: Alex Morgan has had a highly successful career in women’s soccer. She’s represented both the United States national team and various professional clubs, earning numerous accolades and titles along the way. Her contributions to the sport haven’t only brought her fame and recognition but also lucrative contracts and sponsorships.
  2. Endorsement deals: As one of the most recognizable faces in women’s soccer, Alex Morgan has secured several high-profile endorsement deals. Companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s have chosen her as their brand ambassador, further boosting her income.
  3. Investments and business ventures: Alex Morgan has shown business acumen by investing in various ventures outside of soccer. She’s launched her own line of athletic wear, collaborated with other brands, and even invested in startups. These ventures haven’t only diversified her sources of income but also allowed her to capitalize on her personal brand.
  4. Philanthropic endeavors: Alongside her financial success, Alex Morgan has demonstrated a commitment to giving back. She actively participates in charitable initiatives and uses her platform to advocate for social causes. Her philanthropic efforts not only make a positive impact but also enhance her public image.
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In comparison to other female athletes, Alex Morgan’s net worth is among the highest. Her combination of professional achievements, lucrative endorsement deals, successful investments, and philanthropy has solidified her position as one of the most financially successful female athletes in the world.

How Rich Is Alex Morgan?

Net Worth As of 2021 Estimate $35 Million
Per Film Earning (Approx.) $72,000 (As in 2019)

Awards + Nominations

Olympic Games Year Medal
London 2012 Gold
Rio de Janeiro 2016 5th Place
Tokyo 2020 Bronze
World Championships Year Medal
2011 2011 Silver
2015 2015 Gold
2019 2019 Gold

Alex Morgan’s Family

Alexandra Carrasco, known professionally as Alex Morgan, comes from a close-knit family that has played a significant role in her life and career.

Growing up, Morgan had fond childhood memories with her siblings, Jeni and Jeri Morgan. The sibling dynamics within their family helped shape her competitive nature and drive for success.

Furthermore, Morgan credits her parents, Pamela and Michael Morgan, for their influential role in her journey. Their unwavering support and guidance have been instrumental in her achievements.

Morgan’s early life experiences were shaped by her family’s values and strong bond. She learned the importance of hard work, determination, and perseverance from her parents. Their emphasis on discipline and dedication instilled in her the qualities necessary to excel in her soccer career.

Morgan’s family support has been unwavering throughout her journey, attending her games and cheering her on from the sidelines.

Overall, Morgan’s family has been a constant source of love, encouragement, and inspiration. Their influence hasn’t only shaped her as a person but also played a crucial role in her success as a professional soccer player.

From childhood memories to sibling dynamics, parental influences, and family support, Morgan’s family has been an integral part of her life and career.

Father Name Michael T. Morgan
Sisters Jeni and Jeri
Mother Name Pamela S. Morgan
Brothers None

Marriage Life & Relationship

  1. Effective communication skills foster understanding and connection. They understand the importance of open and honest communication, allowing them to express their feelings, concerns, and needs effectively.
  2. Balancing personal and professional life maintains harmony in the relationship. Both Alex and Servando have demanding careers, but they prioritize their marriage by making time for each other and supporting one another’s goals and ambitions.
  3. Trust and loyalty form the foundation of a strong marriage. They’ve built a strong foundation of trust, knowing that they can rely on each other in both good times and bad. Their loyalty to one another is unwavering, creating a sense of security and stability in their relationship.
  4. Conflict resolution strategies promote a healthy and lasting partnership. Like any couple, conflicts are inevitable. However, Alex and Servando have developed effective strategies for dealing with conflicts. They approach disagreements with respect and a willingness to find a resolution that satisfies both parties, ensuring that their relationship remains strong.
  5. Quality time is important in a marriage. Despite their busy schedules, Alex and Servando prioritize spending meaningful time together, whether it’s through date nights, vacations, or simply enjoying each other’s company. This quality time allows them to nurture their bond and keep their marriage thriving.
Material Status Married
Spouse/ Husband Servando Carrasco
Marriage Date 31st December 2014
Children One Girl

Social Media Presence

In addition to her successful marriage and career, Alex Morgan maintains an active and influential presence on social media. With over 9.4 million followers on Instagram and 3.8 million followers on Twitter, she’s built a strong online community and has become a prominent figure in the social media landscape.

Morgan understands the importance of social media engagement and leverages her platforms to connect with her fans and share content that resonates with them.

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One of the key aspects of Morgan’s social media presence is her collaborations with influencers. She often partners with other influential individuals in the sports and entertainment industry to create engaging and compelling content. These collaborations not only expand her reach but also help her build a personal brand that aligns with her values and interests.

Morgan’s social media marketing strategies are also noteworthy. She utilizes various tactics such as captivating captions, eye-catching visuals, and engaging videos to capture the attention of her audience. By consistently sharing high-quality content, she’s successfully built a loyal following and has become a trusted source of inspiration and motivation for her fans.

Furthermore, Morgan understands the importance of online community building. She actively interacts with her followers by responding to comments, hosting live Q&A sessions, and sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life. This level of engagement fosters a sense of connection and belonging among her followers, making them feel like a part of her journey.

Overall, Alex Morgan’s social media presence is a testament to her power as an influencer. Through strategic social media marketing strategies, influencer collaborations, and building a personal brand, she’s established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the digital realm.

Platform Handle Followers
Official Website
Instagram @alexmorgan13 9.4M
Twitter @alexmorgan13 3.8M

Hobbies And Favorite Things

Hobbies Yoga, Hanging out with her family
Favorite Book A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Favourite Sportsman Lionel Messi, Mia Hamm
Favourite Food Mexican Cuisines
Favourite Place To Visit Paris
Favorite Beverage Coffee
Favourite Animal Dog
Favourite Car BMW
Favourite Color Pink, White

Other Interesting Things To Know About Alex Morgan

Years Team
College Career 2007-2010 California Golden Bears
Senior Career 2008-2009 West Coast FC
2010 California Storm
2010 Pali Blues
2011 Western New York Flash
2012 Seattle Sounders Women
2013-2020 Portland Thorns FC
2016 Orlando Pride
2017 Lyon
2017–2020 Orlando Pride
2020 Tottenham Hotspur
2021 Orlando Pride
Senior Career 2008 United States U20
2010 United States

Viral Images Of Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Alex Morgan’s Favorite Pre-Game Routine?

Alex Morgan’s favorite pre-game routine includes a nutritious meal to fuel her body and a specific warm-up routine to prepare physically. She also focuses on mental preparation through rituals and habits, recognizing the importance of pre-game routines in her performance and success.

Does Alex Morgan Have Any Superstitions Before Matches?

Alex Morgan has several pre-match superstitions and rituals that she follows for mental preparation. She believes in lucky charms and incorporates them into her game day routine to enhance her performance.

How Does Alex Morgan Balance Her Professional Soccer Career With Her Personal Life?

Alex Morgan maintains a work-life balance through effective time management, prioritizing personal relationships, practicing self-care, and pursuing her professional goals. She understands the importance of balancing her soccer career with her personal life for overall success.

What Is Alex Morgan’s Favorite Off-Season Activity?

During the off-season, Alex Morgan enjoys exploring top vacation destinations for professional soccer players. Engaging in off-season activities not only provides physical and mental benefits, but also allows athletes to rest and recharge for optimal performance.

How Does Alex Morgan Stay Motivated and Focused During Tough Times in Her Career?

Alex Morgan stays motivated and focused during tough times in her career by utilizing coping strategies, maintaining mental resilience, setting goals, relying on her support system, and practicing self-care.

Few Final Words

Alex Morgan is a highly accomplished and influential soccer player. With a successful career spanning many years, she’s achieved numerous accolades and has a strong presence in the sports industry.

Alex Morgan’s age, height, and body measurements contribute to her athletic prowess on the field. Additionally, her net worth reflects her success and popularity.

With a supportive family and a fulfilling marriage, Alex Morgan continues to inspire and make a significant impact both on and off the soccer field.

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