13 Best Ways to Clean and Store Evening Dresses Correctly
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13 Best Ways to Clean and Store Evening Dresses Correctly

Evening dresses represent more than just a piece of apparel. These clothes are reminders of formal events, parties, and memorable moments. Whether it’s an exquisite gown for a gala or a timeless black dress for a night on the town, maintaining your evening dresses in perfect shape is crucial to ensure they’re ready for their next glamorous occasion. We’ll walk you through cleaning and storing your evening gowns correctly in this guide.

Keeping Your Evening Dresses Clean:

The first step in keeping your evening dress elegant and beautiful is to clean it. Here are some crucial pointers: 

evening gowns cleaning

#1 – Go over the care label:

Your dress’s care label offers important details about the fabric and evening dress cleaning guidelines. Always abide by these rules.

#2 – Spot Cleaning:

Use a clean, damp cloth and mild detergent to spot a small stain on your dress. Blot the stain gently; do not rub it out too hard as this could tear the fabric.

#3 – Professional Dry Cleaning:

This is the safest option for the majority of evening dresses. Bring your dress to a trustworthy dry cleaner with experience cleaning delicate materials. Make sure you let the cleaner know about any stains or unique requirements.

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#4 – Cleaning by Hand:

A few evening dresses that have labels saying “hand wash only” can be delicately cleaned by hand. Use lukewarm water and a mild detergent to keep the dress from being wrung out or twisted. Instead, hang it to dry after gently squeezing out any extra water.

#5 – Consult an Expert:


Before evening dress cleaning, it’s a good idea to speak with an expert if your evening gown is delicate, intricately decorated, or composed of unusual or rare materials. They can offer professional guidance on how to clean a dress without damaging its integrity.

#6 – Avoid Colour Bleeding:

The design of some evening dresses incorporates several colours. Before beginning the entire cleaning procedure, it’s a good idea to test a tiny, discrete area of the dress with a damp white cloth to prevent colour bleeding. Getting advice from a professional cleaner for any colour transfer is best.

#7 – Store Accessories Separately:

If your dress includes detachable elements, belts, or brooches, store them separately from the rest. Keeping these accessories with the dress runs the risk of damaging both, as they may need special cleaning and storage techniques.

#8 – Retail Cleaning Supplies:

Wearing your evening gown using hairspray, deodorant, or perfumes should be done carefully. These substances may leave behind difficult-to-remove stains or smells.

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How to Store Evening Dresses Properly:

Now that your dress is clean, it’s time to store it carefully to keep it in perfect condition and avoid damage:

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#1 – Hangers:

evening dress store

When hanging your evening gowns, always use satin-covered or padded hangers. By doing this, the fabric is kept from stretching or deforming. Avoid using wire hangers, as they can leave creases and indentations.

#2 – Covering:

Use a breathable garment bag to shield your dress from light and dust. Plastic bags should be avoided since they can retain moisture and cause mildew or mould.

#3 – Location:

Keep your evening gowns somewhere dry, dark, and cool. Steer clear of direct sunlight as it will eventually fade colours. Don’t crowd your dresses; give them room. Wrinkles can result from overcrowding, and it can be challenging to locate the ideal dress without having to rummage through your closet.

#4 – Rotate Dresses:

To avoid putting any one evening dress under excessive strain, think about rotating your collection of dresses seasonally.

#5 – Frequent Inspection:

Check your stored dresses on a regular basis for any indications of damage, like mould, moths, or discolouration. Early detection can save your precious garments.

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If you want your evening gowns to continue being head turners for many years, you must take good care of them. Each step is vital in preserving their beauty, from careful cleaning to correct storage.

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